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Jack Jarvis

Vs. Captain Complacency

Little do people of the world know, but Captain Complacency has been fighting a slow battle to defeat the creativity in the world. People have begun to believe the lies that doing nothing with their time and minds is the best way to live. The world unknowingly waits for a hero.

Jack Jarvis was 8 ¾ years old. He had brown, scruffy hair that stuck out on every side and big, round glasses that slid down his nose if he jumped up and down, but they couldn’t hide his big, curious green eyes.


Jack was pretty ordinary from the outside. He liked soccer, video games, painting, and messing with his sister. He lived on a fairly ordinary street where most of the houses looked the same and went to an ordinary school with ordinary classes.


But there was something people couldn’t see about Jack – something extraordinary.


When Jack looked around he didn’t see an ordinary world. He saw possibilities.


“For every problem there must be a solution and for every person there must be a story,” Jack thought. This thought kept Jack’s mind always on the go.

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