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A Joke Can Never Be Taken Too Far

Partner in crime: Alyssa Gaddis

That morning there was an earthquake that shook our beds and knocked picture frames off our walls.

That day we were assigned to create an Oklahoma-based beer.

That night we made jokes about how fracking causes earthquakes.

That is how Reservoir Craft Beer came to be. 

The Story

Reservoir Engineered Craft Beer was founded on the belief that pressure can be good. It can push, challenge and help create some of the most unique craft beer on the market. A reservoir is a source, a place where liquid gathers together. We brewed our first Stout at our favorite gathering place- The University of Oklahoma. We were just a group of young petroleum engineering majors who decided in our (not) free time to make a home brew in our garage. Inspired by our classes and influenced by the occurrence of fracking deep below the Oklahoma dirt, we decided to create small-batches of home brew that used elements of pressure in the fermentation and maturation process. Our tanks, which we affectionately called the Reservoirs, turned into more than a hobby. We experimented with the time each reserve went into the reservoirs. We realized that, much like fracking, we could inject the batch into the fermentation tanks at an extremely high pressure. This fractured elements within the beer creating a unique flavor unlike any other stout on the market. 

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