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Lost Connection

We've lost the love of the conversation

In the pursuit of "connection"

The written word has been written off

As an antique--

Love letters the epitome of antiquity

Pencils and pens lay in junk drawers,

getting colder and older than before

We can't just take a mental photograph

It has no filter for--

the imperfections we've said goodbye to--

the elevator talks, the long walks,

Erased away like chalk--if that's even around anymore?

What's this all for?

To make it easier and breezier, let us fly high like never before,

But now there is no need to call on her at her door--just send a text

Or why even see her at all--just send a sext

This world is gonna tell you there are a million ways

to make your life better,

But I bet it won't happen on a screen

I don't want to be mean, but do you really think the way

to connect--is to never be seen?

Not truly, rawly, brokenly seen?

You want to be liked by 1,000 people,

but never even be known by a few?

No one who really knows you for you?

That's a sure fire way to feel


And wasn't that the point?

To never be on your own?

I'm tired of these mixed messages that my future

lies in my hands

as long as I'm

plugged in

as long as I'm

tuned in

as long as I'm

bought in

But I don't buy it.

And you don't have to either,

that's something they won't preach,

when they're increasing their reach.

The world wasn't made with a plug, it wasn't made to tug--

you in a million different directions

We were made to hug--

To be in community and contact-real contact,

not just a name in your phone, a friend on loan.

We we're created to love,

We we're created in love.

Technology may try to impersonate a person,

but we should hesitate and question--

isn't this some kind of lesson

in humanity?

I tread carefully--

I know we might not believe the same things,

But we were made with the same hearts,

and here is what I'm hoping...

We take some time today to say what we are really thinking,

To not post a picture just because it is aesthetically pleasing,

But because it has real meaning,

Don't lose connection,

find peace in lost connection.

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