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Add a Catchy Title

Do you think all anyone wants is a catchy title? Does anyone care really what is beneath the surface?

Not really. But maybe that's a good thing. I spend hours, nay days, of my life giving all the shits about what other people will think of my life and my decisions. How to spin them so that they make sense to someone. So that someone hears the title: Beautiful Woman Shits Gold and they think damn, that's someone I ought to know. Pathetic. I don't want to appeal to the masses. I sure as hell don't want to have no story. So why do I spend so much of my brain power thinking about my title??? I want a few people to pick up my story and say, hey it's not for everyone but I kind of like it. I want more people that:

- are kind. like real kind. not nice.

- are creative and push boundaries and don't care what other people think of what their doing and making. They just do it because it makes sense to them. Because anything else would feel meaningless.

- are funny in a dark, weird way. who laugh about death and drink too much sometimes and trip a lot. people who get off on other people laughing because it's sweet. It's sweet that they just want to hear that laughter - get approval from other's joy. I mean it's kind of twisted, but in a cinnamon pretzel kind of way.

- give honest advice without expectations of you taking it or not.

- forgive easily, but are not pushovers.

- people who live for deep, meaningful, at times romantic or morbid or superfluous conversations

- like to play games, like to do things, like to participate in life.

This doesn't have to be in every person, but they are kinds of people I want to seek out.

Anyways this is getting off topic. I'm just saying I need to focus less on the title and more on the story. Because the people who matter will care about your story and you will care about yours more than the title.


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