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Sweet Heart

Bloom where you are planted

Settle down

Find your roots

Hold on to this

Wait and see what the tide brings in

What will be will be

Fuck that

I want to be blowing in the wind until eternity

Spitting up blood, rolling in mud, fighting off every

Tom, Dick, and Harry who tells me

to marry this idea

The idea that I won't be happy being a resident of the world

That I can't make green bills to pay red ones

That I can't make wishes grow wings

or trade stories for things

But what if I wish to grow wings?

what if I don't need all those things?

what if broke ass me with my cracked ideas see

a way out

an escape

a crack in the picture of what life could be

But it isn't my brain or my feet that need convincing

It's my heart, worn like a badge of honor on my sleeve

It's my heart, that over time slowly starts to heave

buh-bum buh-bum buh-bum ------- grrrhhhhhh

Growling to a stop, it feels as though my heart has turned to stone

It seems she has forgotten her power to move,

the rhythm, the flow, she needs to let go

She listens to them all, good and bad

She hurts for them all, good and bad

She bends to them all, good and bad

She tries and tries and tries to understand them all, good and bad

Oh my poor heart, how she suffers

She is a piece of coal rolling in fire

Trying to please them all, good and bad

Make them all love her,

my dear heart,

please open the gate

If you could just let go, maybe we could find

a way out

an escape

a crack in the picture of what life could be

You don't have to burn any longer to make them all warm

To make their homes hot, while yours grows cold

Sweet heart

People are not all good, but some may be better

for you

People are not all bad, but some may be worse

for you

I know you think all their opinions matter and some do,

but they don't have to all matter to you

Think of all the places we can go, all the trails we will climb,

all the adventures in time

Let's float in the wind a while longer

And let our ideas grow stronger and stronger

Sweet heart, trust yourself, beat to your own drum

buh-bum buh-bum buh-bum


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