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Does everyone always feel at war with themselves?

Who is winning today inside your soul?

Is it the one who laughed at your brother falling down before seeing if he was alright,

the one who kept the sheets even though you called and told pottery barn you never received them,

the one who doesn't always pay to refill up the water jugs at the grocery store,

the one who get's irritable easily, who trusts no one,

who runs and runs and never lets anyone get close enough to be disappointed

because this one's ego is so fragile and so insecure that a

loss of image is bone-chilling, the loss of love too great?

The one who believes that it's better to never know love,

than to ever be broken by it?

The one who is constantly living in a state of worse-case scenarios and

twisted dissociative fantasies?

The one who is drama and fire and brimstones?

The one who is always right and never right?

The one who is just a scared, little child - scared of her own reflection,

her own thoughts, her past, her present, her future?

The one who worries too much and then worries that she is worrying too much?

Ok, well I guess we know who was winning mine today...


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