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One day I fear I'll lose my hands,

They will turn into long, slimy strands.

With suction cups on each end,

They will spin and spiral, bounce and bend.

I can forget about using a phone,

flying a drone, putting clothes on alone.

Forget about sewing, mowing and towing,

For heaven's sake-my hands keep growing!

I look down in fear to see each finger become identical,

for each one has become a tentacle!


My Hands Will Turn Into Tentacles


A Bird Will Poop On My Head

I cower under trees

I cower when there's breeze

I cower under phone lines

I cower under banisters, barn roofs, and vines

I cower in parking garages and under signs

I cower when I hear them come a flapping,

the birds are out and they are crapping!


Mystery Meat

I was once served mystery meat,

They told me I was meant to eat,

Clearly I could see,

Blatant trickery,

Chicken never tastes this sweet!


Lumps under the skin

I feel a bump on my skin

It's probably a bug bite, right?

Or is it a lump under my skin?

It's probably just my organs pulled tight?

Do I have mumps under my skin?

It's probably just because I didn't sleep last night?

Am I just plump under my skin?

It's probably just the way it looks in the light?

Do I have a hump under my skin?

Maybe it's my eyesight?

I really hope it's just a bump on my skin...



I think I'm sinking?

Am I blinking?

My feet feel stuck

Oh fuck

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